Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B Covers:
Medical expenses
Outpatient services
Durable medical equipment
Some preventative services

Medicare Part B Does Not Cover: 
Long-term Care

For a complete breakdown of coverage, you can download "Your Medicare Benefits" for free.

Medicare Part B Cost:
The cost for Medicare Part B is based on your househould income. As of 2016, the cost for a couple filing jointly with an income under $170,000 or an individual with income under 85,000, the Part B premium is 121.80. If your income is higher, you will pay more as illustrated in the table below.

Part B Premium

You must have part B in order to obtain either a Medicare Advantage Plan, or a Medicare Supplement Plan.

Often times if you are not retiring, and planning on continuing to work, you can waive your Part B. If you are not on SS, you don’t have to do anything, however if you are, when you receive your card, you can simply send it back notifying Medicare you are deferring your Part B.

In general, Medicare part B will pay approximately 80% of your medical cost, once you have met your deductible, which in 2016 is $166.

If you have a Medicare Advantage, or a Medicare Supplement, you may not have to pay the deductible, or even the 20% out of pocket. To learn more, visit page on Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements.

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